Placement Services

Our placement services are one of the best that is available. We have the much needed expertise in placement. We believe in selecting the best innovative candidate based not only on skills but also on perception. Our goal is providing the perfect candidate to the client who carries the ability to envision the requirement of the client and has the skill to provide long term solutions.

We do not hasten our placement processes unlike others available in the market. From initial screening based on a candidate’s resume to proper research on the candidate’s profile and then shortlisting it for the interview before taking it to the next level to introduce it to the client we take immense care. We consider Client approval as our utmost priority before hiring a candidate for the services which are limited to executive positions.

Providing us a chance to serve you will definitely make you want more of our services.

Body Shopping

Now a day’s people are getting anybody to do the job to continue the contract or to maintain client services continue. Our focus is we will ensure that we have right candidate in place before we put him/her in the client side on contract basis.

In this scenario, we initially conduct an interview. After this we share CV to client and schedule client interview. Once client approves candidate we will hire him/her and then put on client site.

Our services are limited to executive positions.

Project management Consultant

A good project manager is the biggest challenge that any Company faces. An idle project manager is nothing but a liability to the organization. As a solution to this issue we have come up with an idea to economize such costs from organizational standpoint. We provide project managers on temporary contractual basis that is we recruit time –based project specific managers. Hence the organization carries no liability once the project is over.

We boast of expert project manager who not only contribute to the project through innovation and skill but also ensures on time delivery. Our effective selection process of project managers through rigorous procedure as well as handwriting analysis and graphology ensures you besides other expertise and skill of loyalty.

HR Consultancy

HR functions are complex and time consuming. Besides, the affordability of an HR within limited budget along with the need to be compliant from organizational standpoint is one of the major issues that smaller organizations face. HR outsourcing which helps the organization shed such complex processes and focus mainly on its core competencies is henceforth the need of the hour for such organizations.

We are here to provide such solutions through HR outsourcing from clients at low cost. We ensure that they are compliant as per government norms and also assist the organization by providing HR resource at their premises based on their requirements which include employee motivation program, training, policies, procedures, recruitment and many more.